Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why am I doing this?!

Well for many reasons actually:

1) I love making lists, it gives me directions and helps with my tendencies to procrastinate. I make lists daily, for what I am doing that morning, groceries, books.. you name it I have probably made a list.
2) I have this self conscious fear of not accomplishing things, but sometimes that fears is irrational because I am not even sure of what I am suppose to be accomplishing in the first place. With a list I can't feel bad about not doing something that is not on it.
3) I am a firm believer that once you write things down they become more real. That's why I am very careful of what a write and super sloppy with what I say sometimes.
4) I feel life is moving pretty fast for me right now and this list will remind me of the things that are important and I should be doing, no matter how small or insignificant in some way they are goals I have set for myself or dreams I strive to materialize.
5) Because putting it on the Internet allows me to share my journey with the people I love who are near and far, and provides a vehicle for awareness to those who want to join me!
6) Because it will make an awesome journal to look back and see a post or a picture from every goal I scratch of the list. And that alone is enough reason for me and the best 30 year  birthday gift I could ever wish for!

The start time of this exciting adventure is June 23, 2013 - not a particularly important date in my life but its around the time 27 years ago I was conceived (ha!). I chose the age of 30 as my deadline because it's an age by which I will be out of school, working, and transitioning to another set of goals (motherhood, professional achievements, mortgage... etc). I am not implying this is an age by which people in general should accomplish dreams and goals, to be perfectly honest I picked 30 because it gives me enough time to do 1o0 things while still putting some necessary pressure!

Hope to see you again as I accomplish each one of the goals in my list!




  1. What a great idea!! you have inspired me to make a list too!

    1. I am so glad Jess! I am sure you are going to come up with delicious recipe-goals for me to try ;)

  2. I just discovered your blog through a mutual friend of ours and I love it!! I have recently made a "life to do list" and you have totally motivated me. You go girl!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy I encouraged you to make a list of your own :)