Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grades - do they make it in the list?

Today was a very anticipated day for me and all my classmates, we finally received grades for our 1st year law classes. Like everyone else I was anxious because everyone knows (and tells you) how important grades are for starting your career. Now after knowing my grades and after having more than 6 weeks to think about it I can say that grades are important and all but they definitely don't make the cut to be on my "goal list". 

Obviously I want to do well and study hard, there is a reason after all I am in law school. However after a whole year of stressing out about the grades I realized that grades are not going to make me happy and eventually I won't even remember them. What I am going to try to focus on is the holistic experience of law school. Do well in my classes, get more involved, work in my interpersonal skills, work on my writing, take classes that I am passionate about, moot - to combat my stage fear, and most importantly enjoy everyday with my peers because soon they'll be a day when we are not in school anymore. 

So to everyone that is happy, sad, disappointed or ecstatic about their grades this year I just want to congratulate you for finishing another year of school! Now you can finally enjoy the summer without having to think about grades!




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