Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Queen's Law Outdoors and Wellness Club - Goal 48!

First year law is not the most exciting time in a law student's life. It's busy, everything seems confusing and it can be very overwhelming. Now that it is behind me, I look back and although I remember the stress and anxiety what stayed with me was the rewarding and fun moments I shared with my schoolmates. I was lucky to have a year filled with a diverse number of activities, from running a race, volunteering at a legal clinic, forming part of a dance crew and making lifelong friendships. Although I tried to find balance between school and my personal life I found it difficult. At times my stress was magnified by the fact that I was not engaging in activities that made me active and healthy. 
On the ferry on our way back from Wolfe Island
This summer when I made this blog I also made a promise to lead a healthier lifestyle, with more exercise, better food and more balance. I also decided that since I saw the importance of a more balance law school life I was going to help my fellow classmates find balance in their lives... and that's how the idea of the Outdoors Club was born. I am very fortunate to have the support of my friend Julia Paille, who shared my same vision and hobbies. We founded the Queen's Law Outdoors Club and planned activities for every season, soon enough 60 people had joined. 

So far we have had two outings. The first one was a bike ride to beautiful Wolfe Island, where 10 of us rode for 24km and took the ferry back in the afternoon. Last week we had our second outing to an apple orchard where we picked the sweetest apples in Ontario. 
Apple Picking at Waddel Farm
I am so excited for the rest of the year, but what makes me the happiest is knowing that we did something small to make law school life better for everyone at Queen's.